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Low contact trick – or – treating ideas

2 min read

Halloween 2020 is different this year with Covid-19. So social distancing trick-or-treat ideas is necessary, such as avoiding lots of hands taking treats from bowl of candy and wearing masks. Low contact ways allow our Halloween day to be safe and also add lots of fun. But the haunt must continue! Make sure to check everything you need for a safe and fun low contact Halloween.


1.Turn your yard into a candy graveyard

Tombstone, monsters, zombies and skeletons can transform your front yard into a candy graveyard for kids to run and grab candies by using bones to lay out a path. Then, add spooky tombstone cutouts along the sides. Lastly, place lots of wrapped handouts and candy around the path for children when they run through and grab a treat. You can make sure safe social distancing between families and trick-or-treaters.


2. Wear a Halloween mask

During covid19, staying safe is very important and wearing masks is absolutely one way to protect ourselves. Wear a Halloween themed mask whether you plan to go out for trick-or-treating or just have a Halloween party to show off your spirit. You could decorate a plain mask creatively with Halloween characters like spiders, bones, pumpkins and more for fun.


3. Throw a costume parade

Keeping social distance when your show off your Halloween costumes with a neighborhood costume parade. Your neighborhood could show up and provide treats which kids could pick up. To make this Halloween extra special for your little ones, we could add Halloween yard décor along the parade path.

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4. You’ve been booed

We could sneak a bag full of handouts and candy onto your neighborhood’s front porch to boo them before or even on Halloween day. The you’ve been booed has been very popular for years. Everyone loves surprises, then why not boo them for fun.


5. Prepare spooky driveway tables

Setting up spooky and haunted tables in your driveway to keep kids away from the front door. Decorated trick-or-treat tables could add sparking touch to a fun Halloween for our kids while still could keep social distance. Just decorate a themed table in no time for an exciting Halloween.


6. Use No-Touch Halloween candy grabbers

You can use adorable grabbers instead to touch the candy. These grabbers are 100% perfect for kids to pick up handouts or candy to put them in their trick or treat bags while keeping social distance. Do remember to wear a cute mask as well.

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7.Wear spooky Halloween gloves

You can use creepy gloves to hand out treats. Choosing cool gloves like skeleton hands or costumes with gloves like batman, Mario Brothers are a good choice—add more fun to this special Halloween!

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